Top 6 Foods That’ll Help Boost Your Immune System

In this age of viral and bacterial infections, your immune system needs all the love and care it can get. You can never predict when it will be called into action to protect your body, so it is best to keep your body’s defenses in tip-top fighting shape even when it seems unnecessary. Science tells […]

Why Your Body Needs More Fiber

As humanity continues on its headlong tilt towards convenience food, we have somehow managed to convince ourselves that fiber needs to be removed from food. We want our meals packed with as much flavor as possible, with other parts that make up the meal removed. When we compare our diet with countries with fiber-rich diets, […]

Why You NEED To Adopt Healthy Eating Habits

As the years go by and the human race evolves to fit into the niche that we have created for ourselves, there is perhaps one area where we still have to live according to the dictates of nature; diet. It doesn’t matter that we have put men on the moon, or that we have developed […]

The Four Day Diet

This diet revolves around the idea that changing up your physical activity and diet every 4 days or so will help you enhance your weight loss goals. However, there are no studies or tests that can prove such a claim. The Four Day Diet can be described as an exercise and eating plan. It was […]

Eight Steps That Can Help You Reduce Your BMI

BMI is essentially your weight divided by whatever your height is, multiplied by a specific number (703). Perhaps you have heard medical experts talk about body mass index (BMI) before. You might even know what yours happens to be, particularly if somebody revealed it to you as a warning of sorts. Your BMI roughly determines […]

What Is the Difference Between Complete Protein and Incomplete Protein?

Getting a sufficient amount of protein is necessary for optimal metabolic, tissue, and muscle health. Learn what separates one protein from another, and how you go about incorporating them into your diet. The biggest thing separating incomplete proteins from complete ones is the essential amino acid quantity they contain. To determine the distinction between the […]

The Proper Way of Breathing During Exercise

Lungs: How They Work If you’re preparing for an exam, getting ready for a meeting, or are just simply curious, the following information about breathing should be kept in mind. The lungs of the average individual moves approximately 0.5 L worth of air whenever a relaxed breath is taken. This amount may spike up to […]

Just How Unhealthy Is Sugar?

The topic of sugar will always be seen as a headline on popular media websites. You’ll even see it in taglines of many diet books. There certainly is no shortage of blogs dedicated to sugar information out there these days. Sugar has actually been a topic of interest for the entire health industry and mainstream […]

Weight Loss and Protein: How Much Protein To Eat for Weight Loss?

Plenty of research has been conducted on weight loss and nutrition. Some of the findings have helped people lose weight effectively. For starters, we know how important exercise is. An individual’s eating habits must be healthy in order to optimize weight loss. This aspect is more important in comparison to hours spent working out. Secondly, […]

Portion Sizes: Regaining Control of Your Weight

Whether we are eating at home or grabbing fast food, just about everything we consume these days has become supersized. Consequentially, our bodies have, too. Keep reading to learn why portion sizes have just as much importance as the actual foods you eat when it comes to weight control. 72 million Americans (1/3 of the […]