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DTH Client Stories
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DTH Client Pam
DTH Client Pam
DTH Client Emily
DTH Client Emily
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I was searching for a personal trainer to help me get started and get me on the right track when I can across DTH. Quite frankly I didn’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars and DTH struck me as bro no reasonable with pricing, very professional and insightful about my needs. They put me in touch with Andrew my personal trainer and he’s been awesome. Andrew got me started on a plan and I utilize their apps with meals as well as their training app for the routine he assigns for the week. He adjusts as needed and when we meet via zoom once a week he helps with my form so that I’m doing my exercise correctly getting all I can out of the workout and offers me with great tips on how to accomplish my sets. Not to mention he’s available via phone or text for any questions or issues I may have.
Lonnie C.
DTH Client
DTH is the best thing that happened to me. I have never been this committed. The big reason for that is my trainer Alex. He understand my goals and the workouts reflect that. He keeps me motivated. He follows up Promptly to my questions. I look forward to reaching my goals and working with Alex.
Kevin P.
DTH Client
Alex, is a great teacher. Always thoughtful and pushing me to do a bit more. He’s a wonderful coach and has helped me to get stronger every day. I highly recommend him
DTH Client
I have had an excellent experience working out with Michelle. She is attentive and experienced, fun to work with and a great communicator, which is key for virtual sessions. I started with her after having my second child. Not only has she helped me get my body back, she’s gotten me excited about getting back in the gym by offering high energy, challenging and varied workouts. She utilizes my time to get me the results I want. I would recommend to anyone!
Alexandra L.
DTH Client
Working with Alex Bukreev this last year has been a game changer for me. I do sessions with him 3 times a week and each time he plans a comprehensive workout, targeting specific areas that I am keen on working, and keeping track of everything I have done on previous sessions. He is fantastic to work out with and I can't recommend him more highly.
Andrea F.
DTH Client
Let's talk about my trainer ANDREW SOTO!!!! I've got to say he's the best trainer that I've had. He knows how to train and how to motivate. He's also very attentive to anything you may have. If you have a nutrition question, he got you, if you've got a training/workout question, he got you, if you need help in an area, he got you. He's very knowledgeable when it comes to working out, the areas that you're working out, the food you eat, etc. He's truly amazing. With his help I was able to lose 10 pounds!!!! He was the first person I told and he gets excited when you reach milestone that you couldn't reach before, which in itself motivates you even more.
DTH Client
I interviewed five remote personal trainers and DriveTrainHustle (DTH) stood out for professionalism and a holistic approach to fitness. The experience has exceeded all expectations. I work out with Alex 3x a week and because its remote, he can work with anything, and he's a great human, there's never any reason to miss a session. He has literally created a workout using only a towel. The workouts are hard enough such that you make consistent progress, but not so hard that you dread them. And the results have been great. I am stronger than I've been since my earlier 20s. My posture is better. I'm more flexible. Sports are more fun. And the added muscle mass has improved my metabolism. I plan to work out with DTH until they retire or I kick the bucket.
Andrew P.
DTH Client
I've been training with Alex for about 8 months now...he's very serious, extremely knowledgeable in every area. Besides the physical training he has given me such worthwhile tips on nutrition, breathing techniques, etc. I can not recommend him highly enough.
Louise P.
DTH Client
Great Results! As a person who has worked out with a trainer for many years I was extremely skeptical about trying a virtual option. I could not have been more wrong. The quality of my workouts are top notch. My trainer Britney is fantastic. She really understands my body and creates personalized workouts that have given me amazing results in just two months. I highly recommend trying virtual training I am sure you will be pleased with the results.
Monica A.
DTH Client
I am SO happy I found DTH! I was looking for a personal trainer to help me strengthen myself after complications with two bulging discs in my back. My trainer, Rob has gone above and beyond! It is very clear that he is both knowledgeable and passionate about his work and genuinely cares about my well being. After being in pain for months, Rob has truly given me my life back!
DTH Client
I couldn’t be happier with my decision to start training with DTH. My coach definitely pushes me harder than I’d push myself in a solo workout (even though I’d like to pretend I crush it on my own, my DTH sessions redefine soreness, but in a good way!). It turns out that in order to make the gains I was seeking, I needed to ask for help from a coach and I’m so glad I did. Down 45 pounds and stronger now than I was when I was a college athlete!
Emily C.
DTH Client
The trainers are DTH Fitness are extremely flexible. Not just with scheduling, but with adapting your programs to your needs as you progress and change. I spent around 4 months with Rob as my PT last year, during which time I saw changes in my body I had never seen before. I had worked out on and off since my adolescence, but my body was changing and I began hurting myself with this on and off pattern, not knowing what to focus on, etc. Within 4 months, my knees didn't ache anymore. I was stronger than I've ever been, and I was able to thoroughly enjoy working out again.
Carolina R.
DTH Client
I have been training with Rob from DTH for the last 6+ months and it has been an amazing experience. I stopped going to the gym once the lockdown started and had been working out on my own in my garage however I was not seeing any results. Getting in touch with DTH and Rob was the best thing that happened. He is very professional, punctual and best of all is able to do what he does efficiently over a zoom call. I get the best of both worlds, comfort of my home to work out and professional guidance. I have gained muscle and am more flexible than I was before.
Prakash P.
DTH Client
I came to DTH after recovering from severe sciatica pain caused by a herniated disc. My trainer, Rob, consulted with me and my physical therapist and created a workout regimen to slowly strengthen my core for stability. He's constantly teaching me about how the body is designed to function and checking in with me to see if I'm experiencing any pain. It's been a month and half and I feel stronger and I'm already experiencing weight loss & muscle definition! Rob is always positive & encouraging and gives you just the right push to finish that last rep💪🏾. If you need that extra push to keep you on track to meet you goals...DTH Fitness will get you there!
Aastria G.
DTH Client
Working out with my trainer, Rob, at DTH has been awesome! He is encouraging, pushes me and challenges me in my workouts, and is helping me meet my goals of weight loss and building strength and stamina. I also appreciate the consistent communication with my trainer: I send weekly progress photos and updates about measurements and my nutrition - all helping me to stay on track and appreciate the small successes. I am looking forward to continuing my workouts with Rob!
Jaclyn K.
DTH Client
I was so happy with my experience with DTH. I had very specific goals when I started (feel strong, fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans, have the tools for lifelong fitness), and Rob helped me achieve each of those goals. I experienced a hip injury about two months into my training (from diving after my one year old. Lol) and Rob was very knowledgeable in how to help it heal while not losing ground on my fitness progress. I trained with Rob for 6 months (he even trained me through a transitional move from the US to the UK...I was so grateful for his flexibility and the ease of virtual training), and now I feel equipped to continue on my journey to be strong and healthy because of the way he educated me throughout the training process.
Shelby W.
DTH Client